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Sisto perforado – Ice


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This timeless lace-up style uses locally sourced perforated suede for extra comfort and is vulcanized traditionally, in the authentic form with no binding or gluing and uses natural rubber NOT plastics. Hand-crafted in our family owned factory in La Rioja, Spain.

1 review for Sisto perforado - Ice

  1. Edgar Joya (verified owner)

    I purchased these shoes in 2017, my current pair have seen a good part of the world along with whatever my fixie bike throws at it, and are still in tact, I’m stalking about beaches, mountains, stone streets. They are comfortable, good quality and adapt to your foot like a good pair of shoes should! This pair especially is breathable. I’ve been buying Maians since I found a pair in SoHO NY in 2012. My two cents, worth the bang for the buck! x: @eujc21 ig:@edgar_joya

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